About This Project

Launched in 2010, Hacking History is a full-year intensive seminar on digital history. Split into two parts, half of the course focuses on seminar and lab-based work covering everything from the history of the Internet, the development of GNU/Linux and the open-source movement to tutorials on WordPress taxonomies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Building on those skills, the second half of the course places students with community organizations like Hart House Theatre to develop websites that use new media to explore local history.

Working with Hart House Theatre we have taken collections and made them accessible through this website and conducted research and reviews on each of the artistic directors, notable alumni, and external groups.

Please take a look around the site and become acquainted with the wonderful rich history that Hart House Theatre has to offer.


Development Team

rabbit Tristan Cannon-Sherlock

- Graduate of the University of Toronto, History Specialist. Primarily managed web development and design of the Hart House Archives site, it was a pleasure to work with a dedicated and motivated team alongside Hart House Theatre to develop this project.

MooseMatthew Casaca

lionSpencer MacEachern

OwlSarah Qidwai

- History Specialist and Graduate of the University of Toronto, was the “jack of all trades” for this project! Took part in a little bit of every aspect from developing a page, to writing and research. It was amazing learning about the influence of drama on social developments and the historical significance of the theatre! It was a pleasure working with a group so different and talented as this and learn so much at the same time!