Theatre Walkway

Little had been done with the entrance to Hart House Theatre since the theatre opened. In 2008, however, after several years of planning, the Nona MacDonald Heaslip Walkway of Canadian Theatre opened—featuring exhibits from the Theatre Museum Canada. The project was supported by a generous donation from Nona Macdonald Heaslip and her late husband William Heaslip. Nona Macdonald Heaslip, an alumni of the theatre who studied under Robert Gill, was a co-chair of the Hart House Theatre Revitalization Campaign.

The Walkway of Canadian Theatre is dedicated to showcasing exhibits from the Theatre Museum Canada. The brainchild of Globe and Mail theatre critic, and guest director at Hart House Theatre, Herbert Whittaker, the TMC was established in 1991 in part to provide a permanent home for Whittaker’s sprawling collection of theatre memorabilia (including Alec Guinness’ sword from the inaugural Stratford production—Richard III).1 The museum has evolved to preserving and promoting Canadian theatrical traditions, apart from its extensive collection of scripts, props, and costumes, it hosts a digital archive, panel discussion, and an interview series.

The walkway currently is currently showcasing “Renegade Bodies” an exhibit on Toronto’s modern dance boom in the 1970s.


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