Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton Portrait

Jeremy Hutton (1980-2013) was the eleventh artistic director of Hart House Theatre, the first person appointed to that position in over 30 years. A director, actor, musician, and fight choreographer, Jeremy Hutton was Hart House Theatre’s youngest artistic director and Read on! →

Martin Hunter

Martin Hunter Portrait

Martin Hunter (1933 – Present) perhaps possesses the most “documented” histories of all Artistic Directors; his two memoirs (Young Hunting and Still Hunting) extensively detail his adventures in the world of theatre, business and politics. An actor, playwright, director, salesman, philanthropist, Read on! →

Desmond Scott

Desmond Scott Portrait

Desmond Scott (1926-Present), was the ninth Artistic Director of Hart House Theatre. Born in England he is the son of the influential musician and composer Cyril Scott—described by noted conductor Eugene Goossens as “the father of modern British music.”1 After Read on! →

Leon Major

Leon Major Portrait

Born in 1933 in Toronto, Leon Major was Hart House Theatre’s eighth artistic director serving between 1967 and 1970. The first artistic director of the Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama (which took over the management of Hart House Read on! →

Robert Gill


Robert Gill (1911-1974) was the seventh artistic director of Hart House Theatre as well as an actor, theatre and opera aficionado, and teacher. His twenty-year reign is not only the longest among all of the artistic directors at Hart House Read on! →

Nancy Pyper

Nancy Pyper Portrait

Nancy Pyper (1893-1985), the sixth artistic director of Hart House Theatre, took Stone’s ideals of increased populism to the next level. Born and raised in Londonderry, Ireland, Nancy Pyper remains the first—and so far, the only—woman ever to be appointed Read on! →

Edgar Stone

Edgar Stone Portrait

Edgar Jocelyn Stone (1897-1977) was not just the fifth artistic director of Hart House Theatre, he was also a Hart House Theatre alumnus. Stone was born in the year 1897 in Toronto, Ontario to parents he described as “poor but Read on! →

Carroll Aikins

Carrol Aikins Portrait

Although Carroll Aikins (1888-1967) was the fourth artistic director of Hart House Theatre, he was the first one to be Canadian born. Initially born in Stanstead, Quebec, his family moved to Winnipeg when he was merely a boy. The Aikins Read on! →

Walter Sinclair

Walter Sinclair Portrait

Walter Sinclair was the third artistic director of Hart House Theatre (1925-1927), and like his predecessor, he was English-born. Unlike Forsyth, however, Sinclair developed his directorial skills not in wealthy urban centres, but in Hong Kong, a frontier colony of Read on! →

Roy Mitchell

Roy Mitchell Portrait

Roy Mitchell (1884-1944) was a journalist, technician, theatre theoretician, and the first artistic director of Hart House Theatre. His ideas heavily influenced the Little Theatre movement as well as the construction of Hart House Theatre.1 Roy Matthews Mitchell was born Read on! →

Bertram Forsyth

Bertram Forsyth Portrait

Bertram Forsyth (1887-1927) was an actor, playwright, scholar, and the second artistic director of Hart House Theatre. During his tenure, Hart House Theatre experienced a “Golden Age” that some say has never been equalled, however, his decision to secede from Read on! →