UC Follies

The UC Follies are one group on Campus that frequent Hart House Theatre. Their origins date back to the late 1880s, around the time mock parliaments were being performed around campus. They were officially inaugurated in 1943 and have since become one of the University’s largest student run theatre groups. In 2011, The UC Follies officially joined the University College Literary and Athletic Society as an ancillary group. Notable UC Follies Alumni include individuals such as Lorne Michaels.

More Information: http://ucfollies.org


The Victoria College Drama Society

The Victoria College Drama Society was rebranded in 1923 and integrated to student life at Victoria College. Having existed for almost a century, the Society has undergone a myriad of changes and today exists as a thriving student group and levy receiver from VUSAC (Victoria University Student’s Administrative Council). As a student group, it is the VCDS’ mandate to provide a forum in which students and all other U of T community members of all disciplines and backgrounds, regardless of sex, age, race, or religion, may share in the culturally enriching experience of drama.

More information:  http://vcds.ca 

Skule Nite

Skule Nite is the drama group affiliated with the Engineers at U of T. The origins can be traced back to the early 20th century. The group was not a show originally, but a series of short skits or musical performances. It was in 1923 that the show was moved to Hart House. The performances now feature all three pillars of stage performance: acting, singing and dancing. The relationship of Skule Nite and Hart House is mutually beneficial. Skule Nite provides their own tech team during the show so the Hart House staff members are only on standby in case something goes wrong.

More information: http://www.skulenite.ca


Performed by students from the Faculty of Medicine, Daffydil is over 100 years old. These students have raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Since its inception, Daffydil has raised over $600,000 for charity. This group promotes the dramatic arts and personal development while giving back to the community in a different way than the other groups.

More information:  http://daffydil2014.com

The Bob Revue

Another group at Victoria College is The Bob Revue. It is one of the oldest comedy shows in Canada, dated back to 1872. The origins of this group is attributed to a Janitor at Vic called Robert Baere. It was originally focused with orientation into university or about making fun of peers and professors. This group maintains its mandate to perform for the students, by the students.